About the Founder

Clarissa BlackAnimal trainer, Clarissa Black, graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. She discovered her passion for training working with elephants and dolphins but gradually realized she wanted to develop relationships with the animals for which she cared. Through her career as a dolphin trainer, Clarissa learned advanced animal training principles and applied them to husbandry, veterinary, research and program training.

While working with these unique mammals in the water, she decided to further her work and experience training animals on land and began working as a professional dog trainer. She has been successful developing personalized training and behavior plans, as well as teaching dog obedience. Her motto is “set both the owner and the dog up for success.”

During her experience working with therapy dogs in the company of America’s veterans and wounded soldiers, she saw firsthand how important animals can be in recovery. Her own experience with PTSD has given her unique perspective on the training each dog receives, as well as being able to recognize what each veteran needs from his or her companion animal.

Pets for Vets, Inc. is Clarissa’s way to say thank you to our country’s heroes.